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How to edit Gifs?

To change the size of the Gifs, first add to email. After that, click on the Gif and then resize with holding the frame. 

How can I add Gifs to my email?

Click on the ‘ADD GIF’ button and browse the Giphy’s database. Click on the Gif you want to add and it directly appears in your email body. If your internet connection is slow, it may take a few...

How to add a link to email?

Do not write a link directly into email body. Click ‘Insert/edit’ link icon and write the link in the URL field. To get statistic and learn who clicked your links, you must use this. If not, we can not record the link...

How do I add an image to my emails?

First you need to upload your image somewhere to get a public link. Then click ‘Insert/edit image’ icon and insert the link in to source field.1.Click this image button.  2.Get a public link as below. 3.Copy the image...

How to send a test email?

Click the ‘Send Test’ button in the toolbar. Write the your email address and click ‘Send’. You cannot click reply buttons or reply polls/surveys in the test emails. 

How do I set up an email signature?

Go to Email Accounts on the left menu. Add your signature under your email account and then click save. It automatically adds to the every message you send from the email account.