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Category - Email Accounts

How to set an email signature?

Choose ‘Email Accounts’ tab on the left menu. Set your signature below the email account you want. Don’t forget to save.

How to change default from (sender) name?

You can change it from the ‘Email Accounts’ tab on the left menu. Write the new name and click ‘Save’. Also when creating a new campaign, you can change it again.

How to delete my email account?

Go to Email Accounts page and just click the Trash icon in your email account box.  If you delete your email account, all the campaigns and data related to your account will be deleted. We don’t store the data...

How do I BCC email addresses for all of my sends?

Replybutton now lets you set up a BCC setting for your email account. Specifying an address here means that every email you send via Replybutton, that address will receive your sent message via BCC.