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When will my emails be delivered?

Sending outreach emails to hundreds of contacts is fantastic. However, if you try to send to too many people at once, you might hit your email provider imposed rate limits. This means your account could be limited if...

How many emails can I send in a campaign?

You can send;
100 emails per campaign in Free plan200 emails  per campaign in Starter plan300 emails per campaign in Growth plan
It’s the same with the maximum daily limits. 

Is my data stored safely?

Replybutton does not require access to your inbox. Because of that, we cannot read your emails and other data in your inbox. The only data we store is your emails sent from Replybutton and the replies you get with reply...

Daily email sending limits

Google, Outlook and some custom provider’s  maximum sending limit is 500 emails per day. Replybutton sends your emails through your Gmail, Outlook or your custom provider account and is subject to daily sending...

How to create a custom tracking domain?

You can track opens, link clicks and reply button clicks with your own custom tracking domain to improve deliverability. All users track links, opens and reply buttons using Replybutton’s domains. We monitor these...

How can I create a new campaign?

First click the ‘Create Campaign’ button on the left menu. Then;
1- Connect your email account.
2- Upload your recipients
3- Compose your messages
4- Preview your campaign and click ‘Start Campaign’

Emails in my campaign did not deliver

There are 3 options for this case; 1- You may have exceeded your daily sending limit in Gmail, Outlook or custom providers.2- If you have created a new email account in Gmail or Outlook, you need to verify your email...