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Category - Polls and Surveys

Can I personalize a poll/survey?

First insert the text replacement with choosing from the ‘PERSONALIZE’ button. After it adds to the message body, just copy and paste it to your poll / survey. It’s done! You can use the same type of text replacements...

Where can I see the poll / survey results?

You can see poll / survey results in your campaign dashboard. To see which recipient replied what separately, go to your campaign overview and click ‘Recipients’ tab. Click on the recipient you want and see...

How to create a poll / survey?

Click the ADD SURVEY/POLL button in the messages step. Write your question and options one by one. Click ‘Add question’ button to add a new question and click ‘Add another option’ to add new...

How to edit polls / surveys?

If you want to make changes in your poll / survey, click on the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom. Make your changes and click Insert button.