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Category - Unsubscribes

How does Replybutton manage unsubscribes?

Use “Unsubscribe Link” button on the ‘Compose Message’ step to add an unsubscribe link to any message. Unsubscribe links don’t work in test emails. Campaigns must be active for them to work.

How can I add/remove an unsubscribe link?

Click on the UNSUBSCRIBE LINK after composing your message. Change the text if you want and turn the switch on (green). Then click Save. The link will automatically be added at the bottom of your email.  If you want to...

How do I remove people from my unsubscribe list?

You can click on the “Unsubscribes” link in the left menu to see who has unsubscribed. From here you can remove people from the unsubscribe list, if they were added by mistake. Click the checkbox on the left...