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Daily email sending limits

Google, Outlook and some custom provider’s  maximum sending limit is 500 emails per day. Replybutton sends your emails through your Gmail, Outlook or your custom provider account and is subject to daily sending limitations.  If you try to send to too many recipients at once, you might hit Gmail’s Outlook’ or your custom provider’s daily sending limits. They will think you’re sending spam and won’t send all your messages.

To prevent this, we allow you to send maximum;

100 emails per day in Free plan200 emails per day in Starter plan300 emails per day in Growth plan 

Replybutton limits your outreach to prevent your account from getting rate limited.

Why you can send maximum 300 emails per day? 

If you set auto-reply emails, this will also sent from your account. We need to book a limit for auto-replies you set. For example, if you send an email to 300 recipients, we book minimum 150 quota for auto-replies. 

If you try to send more than 300 emails with Replybutton, your auto-replies or daily emails may not be sent because of the daily quota exceeded.

If you routinely send emails to more than 300 people at once, we recommend using a marketing automation tool. Replybutton is currently optimised for sending individual, personalized messages at scale, directly from Gmail, Outlook and all other custom providers but not for sending thousands of emails each day.

If you want to send to more than 300 recipients, we recommend sending in batches, a few days apart. Alternatively, you can send from multiple email accounts.

How to check your daily email limit?

You can see your daily limit from the Email Accounts menu. You can check your limit above your email account box.

Muzaffer Selimbeyoğlu

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