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Email template suggestions

Subject Line: 

Put the recipient name or company name on the subject line. It’s important to personalize subject.

First Sentence: 

You have around 10 seconds to get attention after the email opened. Write your name and tell what your company do very shortly

Second Sentence:

 Tell them why they should be excited. Tell about what’s in it for them or how can you help them. Start a dialogue by asking relevant questions about problems your potential customer might have

Third Sentence:

Ask for what you want. Simply ask for are they interested or not? Don’t ask for a phone call or a meeting. Your goal here should just be to start a conversation.

Important Notes:

  • Shorter is better. People should not be scroll when reading on mobile phone 
  • Don’t ask for money!
  • People don’t get great emails. Send them great emails and convert them into customers.
  • You have to differentiate because every other person are saying the same things. People are busy, send happy and interesting emails.
  • Be as tailored as possible, how you can help them.
  • Personalize as much as possible like pain points.

Muzaffer Selimbeyoğlu

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