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How to set up an auto-reply email?

Auto replies will be sent to recipients according to replies get to your email. You can set auto-replies maximum for 3 reply buttons. 

 1- Ok, compose your initial email and then click on “Add Auto-Reply” button below.

 2- Then, compose your auto-reply messages for the 3 reply buttons separately. If you just want to set for 1 reply, you can delete the others. 

 3- Choose the day count to send auto-reply from the ‘Wait X days after the reply’ box . Ex: If you choose 2 days, auto-reply email will be sent 2 days after you get the reply.

 4- Choose same subject or new subject.

Same subject means auto-reply email will sent as a reply to previous email. It starts with ‘Re:’

Ex:  Re: Are you interested?

 New subject means auto-reply will be sent as a new email.  If you choose ‘New Subject’ then write a new subject for the new email

Ex:  Are you interested?

Muzaffer Selimbeyoğlu

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