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Send emails from a Gmail alias

Replybutton sends your campaigns from one of the Google account’s you’ve connected. By creating an alias in Gmail, you can send Replybutton campaigns from most any other email provider such us 

Step 1: Set up your alias

You can find how to set up alias here.

Step 2: Go to “Email Accounts” and click on the “Add Alias” on the top right corner of your email account.

Step 3: Enter your alias email address and from name. 

Once you import your email addresses to Replybutton, you will be able to select the send as email address in the From field of the while starting your campaign.

 Important Notes

  • If your aliases credentials are wrong or not set properly in Gmail, it will not be added. 
  • Alias emails use the same daily limit of the main email account. They don’t have a separate daily limit.
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