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Suggestions for spam and deliverability

Here are some suggestions;

  • If your  email account is new, do not send too many emails with the first campaign. First, warm up around 1 month before your first campaign. Send emails to your friends, family and others and get some reply. Increase your domain reputation.
  • Do not include to many images in your email
  • Include an unsubscribe link
  • Keep your email content clean and simple with minimal formatting
  • Send emails from your personal account not from info accounts.
  • Personalize the emails
  • Do not send too many emails at once every day
  • Do not use spammy words. Couple of words to avoid in your email subject lines:
    • Free
    • Financial freedom
    • Make money online
    • Credit card offer
    • Cash bonus
    • Apply now
    • $$$
    • Weight loss
    • Order now
    • Price
    • Increase sales

    Muzaffer Selimbeyoğlu

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